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Anik Singal list academy holds a 2005 degree in finance from the University of Marylandemail lifeline by anik singal

In 2004, Singal founded Affiliate Classroom with $100 in seed money. The company developed online educational programs and assistance to Internet entrepreneurs, especially online marketers. The programs established a best practices system for Internet marketing in its early stages of development.  Affiliate Classroom was renamed Lurn, Inc. in 2009. By  2010, about 21,000 students had enrolled in Lurn programs.  Anik has taught some courses for Lurn personally.

Anik Singal has been named one of the Top 3 Young Entrepreneurs by BusinessWeek and has been selected twice as an Inc 500 CEO.

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In his career, Anik Singal has sold over $70 Million worth of products online, all by just using a computer and simple systems. He has made it his personal mission now to teach his secrets to Entrepreneurs around the world looking for true financial freedom.

In February 2015, Anik released his first book, The Circle of Profit – How to Turn Your Passion Into $1 Million.

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